Bike Fitting

A bicycle should fit the cyclist, not the cyclist fit the bicycle

The process of adjusting the bike to the rider instead of forcing the rider to fit the bike. Properly fitting a bike to rider requires a lot more than taking an inseam measurement or dragging your heal across a pedal. Even some more advanced Fit Philosophies prescribe a fit based on typical proportions. Coach Tony V knows that everyone is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. Personal preference, prior exercise history, and previous injuries will play a role in finding the perfect riding position for each individual.

Coach Tony V offers professional bike fittings out of Einstein Cycles in Traverse City, MI, Level MultiSport in Birmingham, MI, and Sweet Bikes in Canton, MI. For added convenience Coach Tony V can fit you right in your home.

Coach Tony V has an extensive formal education in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology with an MS in Exercise Science. He has Professional Bike Fitter Certifications from Dan Empfield’s Fit Institute Slow Twitch as well as a Master Fitter Certification from Specialized Body Geometry developed by Andy Pruit of The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

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