Performance Lab

Tri Again Fitness brings you a wide variety of coaching and training needs to help you reach your triathlon goals. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, Tri Again Fitness can help you reach your full potential. By designing specific workouts to match your current level of physical adaptation; we can help you learn the basics or break through that training plateau.

Individuals wishing to train with Tri Again Fitness must be a valid USAT member.

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Train at your own perfect pace!

On most group rides or runs the faster athletes are waiting for the slower athletes and the slower athletes are gasping to keep up with the faster athletes. Our Performance Lab training environment allows each athlete to train with a group at their individual ideal intensity without being held back or left behind. Through frequent assessment we can determine the ideal intensity for you to train.

State of the art equipment and Coach Tony V’s scientific approach to training insures the focus is on intensity and duration, not on distance. So beginners can train right alongside Ironman veterans. The use of stationary equipment allows individuals to train together in a controlled environment and experience team support like no place else.

Coached group Treadmill, Compu-Trainer, and Vasa Swim Ergometer sessions are offered Monday through Thursday mornings and evenings all year round. BRICK workouts are offered Friday evening and Saturday mornings. Our U.S. Cycling and USA Triathlon Certified Coaches will lead you through drills that develop all aspects of running, cycling, and swimming.

*If you wish to use the Compu-Trainer you must provide your own bike to be synced with our system.