Indoor Training

Why Train Indoors?


Compu Trainer Multi-Rider systems provide an exciting and technically superior method of indoor GROUP bike training and racing. It’s a great way to motivate people to stick with an athletic or exercise program.


This is not a spin class on exercise bikes. This is INDOOR CYCLING on YOUR BIKE on our trainers. Compu Trainer is more than a premier bike trainer. It’s also a precision bicycle ergo meter measuring wattage, heart rate, and cadence. Compu Trainer has a peak power rating in excess of 1500 watts to simulate road grades up to 15%. By pre-training on a simulated course, you gain a big advantage in the actual race. Spin Scan Pedal Stroke Analyzer is an exclusive Compu Trainer feature that helps you increase power and efficiency.

If you “just keep swimming,” you may be missing a key ingredient

Proper use of a Vasa swim bench will build strength and power in movements very specific to swimming that are difficult to gain any other way. Known by many as the ultimate swim training machines, the Vasa Trainer and Vasa Swim Ergometer provide exactly the right tool to increase swim-specific strength and power. This is because dry land swim training on a Vasa stimulates the muscles’ structural and functional changes required to swim faster and more efficiently.


The frame of the Trainer and the Erg provides a biomechanical advantage for swim-specific workouts unlike any other swim training method. The Erg’s Power Meter allows athletes to replicate training sessions and do the exact wattages and stroke rates required for successful swimming.

Vasa empowers you to train on your schedule regardless of pool availability. You’ll be delighted by the smooth, realistic feel of the Vasa Ergometer. And the versatility of the Vasa Trainer is unsurpassed, giving you a multitude of training options.

When you are ready to get your feet wet, Coach Tony V leads group Open water swims as well. Don’t think for a minute that wearing a wetsuit will slow you down in the transition area. Coach Tony V will teach you how to get in and out of the transition area faster than your competitors, unless of course your competitors train with Coach Tony V.