I had been intruduced to triatholons by a few friend and found a wonderful way to exercise and meet new people. I spent about four years training on my own. I did not know the principles behind training for properly for triatholons. Thank goodness I meet Rebecca at the Y and she told me about the team she couches along with her husband. My times in tri’s have improved. I have dropped weight, inches, and have gained muscle. I am feeling better physically and mentally which has led to confidence in going back to school to continue my education. The best part is I have made some great friends who support me no matter if I was the last triathete to finish the Olympic lenght at the Traverse City Tri. I am thankful even after the toughest work outs that I have been blessed with caring, kind, knowledgeable couches who have top it off with spectacular sense of humor.

-Heather R

I am so very grateful to be a part of the TriAgain Fitness team. Rebecca and Tony are dedicated and knowledgeable coaches who push me to reach my goals and beyond Through a combination of hard calculated workouts, accountability, and most importantly team camaraderie, TriAgain builds a foundation for success. As a beginner who just wanted to learn how to swim in order to complete my first triathlon, I was intimidated and apprehensive to be involved in a team training environment. I am so glad I did. I look forward to reaching my new goal of complying my first half ironman next summer with my TriAgain Fitness family 🙂

-Jami H

When I began my journey to triathlon, I expected it to be hard. The fact is it is very hard, one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is not because it takes incredible strength, and not because it requires deep thought or even speed; It is because it requires endurance, perseverance, persistence. The road to success is long, the steps are sometimes small. What keeps me going are my teammates. Celebrating their achievements as well as my own. Grieving their losses, grieving my own, but never alone. When I want to stop, they say keep going. When I want to quit, they say you can do this. When I feel alone, they are there. Many triathletes do this alone, lone wolves we affectionately call them. They have their successes I’m sure, but for me, I will choose my team; Tri Again fitness, because everyday we try, we try again, we try harder, but we never Tri alone.


Tony V took me from being constantly tired and injured to feeling fit, fast and fresh. I cut more than 5 minutes from my Olympic Distance Tri time in one season!

-Matt S

Tony V is a very analytical and effective coach, when he performed my metabolic test before the 70.3 World Championships in 2010 and prescribed a complete plan (nutrition included) in order for me to have a PR of OVER 25 min I was skeptical, but when I actually performed 4 min faster than predicted… he has me convinced!

-Tyla B

My “arch-rival” started a rumor that I cheat because I never used to beat her, and now I do!  Thanks Coach Tony V!

-Jenifer L

Coach Tony V is one of the best coaches I have ever had in my career as an athlete.  When I started in triathlon in 2007 I was 80 pounds over weight and far away from my peak physical shape. In less than three years with coach Tony, I have lost those 80 pounds, dropped 20 minutes in my sprint triathlon, completed two half Ironmans and completed the Louisville Ironman. I have gone from being a finisher to a winner. This past year I have won two events and qualified for the ITU World Championships. Coach Tony knows all 4 disciplines, swimming, biking, running, and the science of getting you to your goal no matter what the distance or event. I recommend Coach Tony V. for any multi-sport endurance athlete, his racing and coaching reputation speak for themselves.

-Greg P

After several years of performance degradation, my power is back on the rise and I am now winning regional Master’s races. I wish I had met Tony 10 years ago!

-Simon B

I went from cat 5 to cat 2 with you in 3 years and worked 55 hours a week, that’s got to be a record! At the Michigan State Championships in 2013 Coach Tony help me to a 2nd in the road race, and 3rd at the TT.  Thanks Tony!

-Mike D