Online Training Programs

Written specifically for each athlete, Coach Tony V uses TrainingPeaks, an online platform that allows for exchange of all pertinent information between coach and athlete. Workouts are prescribed to each athlete, athletes uploads their results of each workout including all types of bio-metric data (Power, Heart Rate, Speed, Distance, Cadence, Time, etc) Coach Tony V analyzes the data from the workouts and subsequent workouts are prescribed based on each athletes pace of adaptation and ultimate performance goals.

LIFE happens and a personal coach can make adjustments to your training to keep you on track to reach your goals. Frequent assessment and specific training intervals promote optimal physiologic adaptation. Each athlete has unique goals and exercise history, so Coach Tony will tailor your workouts to fit into your schedule based on your individual training objectives and performance goals. Contact Coach Tony V for details about Personalized Training Programs.

Internet Coaching is $125 per 4 week session. This includes a TrainingPeaks Account, customized with weekly training plans, and unlimited email and text contact with your certified coach.

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